Global CNG Solutions Ltd are now working with Red Kite Management to provide a Biomethane (or CNG) commissioning solution for CHP engines (Farm based or industrial) and Gas-to-grid injection (grid entry units), all part of the RHI and FIT tariff deadlines.


If you need a supply of Biomethane to commission your CHP's or Grid Entry Facilities, and the right equipment to do this, then contact us.




Global CNG Solutions Ltd (GCNGSL) are experts in the consultancy and project management of CNG related projects from gas powered vehicles to power generation, stranded gas and virtual pipeline infrastructure projects.

Global CNG Solutions are also experts in the compression, storage and transport of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) including "Virtual pipelines" where natural gas is required in areas not connected to the gas distribution network.

We specialise in moving stranded gas, waste-product gas, and gas from AD plants to customers and processes not on the gas grid.

We have recently undertaking feasibility studies and conceptual design studies in Tanzania (PanAfrican Energy Tanzania Ltd), Kazakhstan (BG Group & KazMunaiGas) and the UK (Manx Gas, EON and various waste & water companies).

GCNGSL can undertake an assessment of your fleet or process and make recommendations as to what CNG vehicles are available and what refuelling infrastructure you would need, including compressors, storage and refuelling trailers.

We can supply information on what alternative fuels are available and what would best suit your operation.

To find out more about the ways GCNGSL can utilise the gas you have, save you money on your fuel bills and meet your air quality targets please explore our website and then book an assessment of your fleet or contact us for more information.

 To look at some examples of potential fleet savings please see the "Potential savings" section on the main menu.


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