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Global CNG Solutions Ltd can assess your companies fleet and operations for suitability to CNG.

This thorough assessment will produce a report (approx. 15 pages) that you can then use to make an informed decision about going over to CNG and will provide all the technical and commercial information required to make that decision.

Contained within this report will be a fleet suitability assessment (detailing what vehicles yoiu can convert or replace with CNG), vehicle availability (including specifications, delivery times and costs), refuelling station requirements (compressors, storage, dispensers etc.), utility infrastructure requirements (gas & electricity), full budget costs and commercial viability (how much you will save!) and a project management schedule of works (what to do next).

This assessment costs £950 (+ VAT) and would be fully refundable later if you were to go ahead and obtain a CNG refuelling station through GCNGSL.

To book an assessment of your fleet please contact us and provide us with as much information as possible (as detailed below):

Contact details:

Company name:                                           Contact name:

Contact address:                                           

Phone number:                                              Email:

Site address of assessment:

Fleet details:

No. and type of vehicles:

Weight or volume critical?:

Depot based (Y/N):

Average mileage per vehicle:

Current fuel type (Petrol, Diesel, LPG, other):

Average fuel cost (current):

Do you require dedicated gas vehicles or dual-fuel vehicles?

Do you want to fill vehicles quickly (5 minutes) or slowly (overnight)?

Site details:

Do you have piped towns’ gas on your premises?

Gas pipe size and pressure (normally written on meter)?

If so how close is the pipeline to your preferred filling location?

Would your filling station be available for public use?

Do you know what gas vehicles are already available?

Is your application urgent?

If you have any questions about this application please contact us via the "contact form" section or give us a call.

Download Assessment form here (please email back).


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