Potential cost saving examples

Example 1 - Typical Supermarket or small haulage operation

  • Fleet:                              30 x 24 Tonne rigid trucks (additional cost of CNG truck 20k each)
  • Mileage:                        100,000 miles/yr
  • Fuel consumption:      10 mpg
  • Filling profile:                Two fills per vehicle per day (fast-fill) between 6am-12pm & 4pm-10pm

The gas station would be sized for this total load requirement and this daily gas load.

For this example we have a daily gas load of 3,570 Kgs therefore the compressor capacity requirement is 357 Kgs/hr (for a 10 hour run). This in practice would be done using two compressors each sized at 178 Kgs/hr.

Suitably sized gas storage and two gas dispensers would also be installed.

For this example a typical all-in gas price would be in the region of 65 p/Kg.

 Potential savings:

Existing diesel costs (based on 300,000 gallons diesel, 85 p/lit) = 1.16m (5.8m over 5 years)

All-in gas price (station, fuel, service etc.), based on 65 p/Kg & 1m Kg/yr = 0.65m (3.25m over 5 years)

Fuel saving = 0.51m (2.55m over 5 years)

Additional cost of 30 CNG vehicles (at 20k each) = 0.6m

Total 5 year saving (station, fuel, service & vehicles) = 1.95m

 Above figures exclude any additional savings due to reduced VED rates, any congestion charge savings, or any grants that may be available.