Projects & experience

GCNGSL have over 20 years experience in the Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) field and their employees and partners have worked for many years on CNG related projects in the UK and overseas.

This experience includes running several departments within CNG refuelling business's (British Gas Vehicle fuels & CH Jones (KeyGas) Ltd ) which involved designing and building CNG refuelling stations, providing fuel and dealing with commercial aspects such as duty collection, and gas supply contracts.

GCNGSL also have experience from a supplier's perspective and have been involved in the design of compression plant & equipment and the maintenance of compressors and refuelling station equipment (CompAir UK Ltd). GCNGSL have worked on CNG projects in many overseas countries including Pakistan, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, France, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Tanzania, Nigeria and Kazakhstan.

GCNGSL have experience of all matters relating to Health & Safety of CNG systems including Risk Assessments, Written Scheme of Examinations (Pressurised Systems Directive), Auditing, Hazardous Area Analysis, ATEX & PED, DSEAR and National & International standards and regulations.

GCNGSL have participated in many seminars and exhibitions including presenting CNG papers at conferences in Malaysia, Pakistan and in the UK.



 GCNGSL do not just undertake CNG vehicle projects but they also have experience of high pressure gas projects such as extraction and compression of Coal Bed Methane (for vehicle use, power generation or gas mains injection), Biogas (land-fill, sewage or anaerobic digesters), and high pressure gas transportation through a "virtual pipeline" system (high pressure gas transported via road trailers for use away from the pipeline grid).

GCNGSL have a wide network of partners and associates who all bring additional experience and knowledge such that any gas related project would be considered.

A summary of the CNG projects that have been completed (or are in progress) can be found by downloading the following pdf file:

Below is a photo of my most recently finished CNG station in Almaty, Kazakhstan.


Global CNG Solutions have also been working with Red Kite Management to provide Biomethane or CNG for the purpose of commissioning CHP units or Grid Entry units (gas-to-grid). We can supply large tankers of high pressure gas and a mobile Pressure Reduction system that takes the 250 bar gas down to the gas pressure required for the equipment, e.g. for CHP's this is normally 150 mbar to 200mbar and for gas to grid this can be 1 bar to 7 bar depending on the line pressure we are injecting into. 


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