Global CNG Solutions, either directly or through its associations, can now provide Turnkey solutions for all Gas-to-Grid biomethane projects, including AD plants (clean-up, transportation and gas injection), Water treatment plants, Landfill or Stranded gas.

What is Biogas?

Biogas is a combustible gas created by the decomposition of organic matter such as human waste, animal slurry, raw food waste, green waste, dairy waste that is composed primarily of methane (approx.60-70%) and carbon dioxide (approx. 30-40%) plus small amounts of other products such as water, H2S etc. The main sources of biogas are from anaerobic digestion, the treatment of sewage sludge and landfill sites.

Biogas energy is considered carbon neutral since carbon emitted by its combustion comes from organic matter that fixed the carbon from atmospheric CO2. Additionally utilising biogas will replace fossil fuels, a main contributor to GHG emissions.

What is biomethane?

Biomethane means pipeline-quality gas derived from organic material (i.e. biogas cleaned up with CO2 & H2S removed will give you biomethane). It is identical in properties to pipeline quality natural gas, but it is not derived from fossil fuels.

Biomethane injection into the gas grid?

If Biomethane {biogas} does not have a localised use, such as in CHP, then it can be transported to where it can be used, either directly as a vehicle fuel (CNG Daughter Station) or injected into the gas grid. 

This is an extremely good use for large volumes of gas which are "stranded" and not near to a gas grid or electricity grid connection. 

Global CNG Solutions services offered?

GCNGSL can undertake all elements of a biomethane project, from Clean-up plant (specifying, purchasing and installing), to Transportation (CNG trailers and loading/off-loading equipment), to CNG Refuelling stations and gas injection equipment. 

We will write the specifications, design the systems, undertake detailed site surveys, procure all equipment (including writing contracts etc.), and manage all Installation & Commissioning works.

For more information or to book an assessment please contact us through the "contacts" page.